There are going to be times when it's essential to access the contents of your gun vault in the dark. Lockdown has your back during these times of darkness. Whether it's one of our cordless LED gun safe lights for the interior of your gun vault, a Stealth Entry Light for the lock, or a more traditional gun vault lighting system, we have the safe lighting you need to safely and quickly access your gun vault in the dark.

For many, gun safe lighting is an afterthought and may even seem unnecessary, much like reinforcing the exterior doors of your home. The fact is that having some type of gun safe lighting isn’t merely for aesthetic purposes; it’s for safety. Feeling around in the dark for firearms is not a wise idea. So what is the best way to light a gun safe?

There are numerous gun safe lighting options available when it comes to lighting up your gun safe. Gun safe lights are particularly helpful when your case is located in a dark part of your home, such as in a garage or basement. Having a well lit gun safe will make it easier to safely find the gun you’re looking for and to make sure they’re all accounted for.


The most common type of gun safe lighting are LED lights. LED gun safe lights come in a variety of different styles and price points. How many you need is dependent on the size of your gun safe. Generally one LED light is sufficient, but to get 100% coverage of the interior you’re going to need lights on the sides as well.

Lockdown has created several different LED gun safe lighting options that are sure to meet your gun safe lighting needs.


If your gun safe is smaller and requires only a single light, then the Cordless 75 LED Vault Light is the solution for you.

With a total of 75 ultra-bright LEDs, you’re getting an impressive 95 lumen output that is sure to light up the entire interior of your gun safe in low light or complete darkness. The Cordless 75 LED Vault Light uses a traditional on/off switch for activation.

Features of the Cordless 75 LED Vault Light 

  • Traditional on/off switch
  • Single 75 LED Light with a 95 lumen output
  • Powered by 3 AAA batteries
  • Two mounting options (magnet or screw attach)

If you’re looking for a motion activated solution, then check out our next gun safe lighting product.


If you want to take your cordless LED vault light one step further, you can opt for the Automatic Cordless 25 LED Vault Light that comes in a 2-pack.

This option is motion activated, meaning that once you open your gun safe, the LED lights automatically turn on. Likewise, when you close the safe, the LED lights will automatically turn off. No more fumbling around for a power switch in the dark, or having to re-open the safe because you forgot to turn the light off.

Features of our Automatic Cordless 25 LED Vault Light

  • Auto on/off sensor
  • Two 25 LED Lights with 70 lumens output each
  • Two mounting options (magnet or screw attach)
  • Powered by 3 AAA batteries
  • 6 hour continuous run time



Another LED gun safe lighting idea is to purchase a lighting kit such as our LED Vault Tape Light. This option gives you full control over how you want to customize your gun safe lighting.

The Vault Tape Light kit gives you a cut-to-length option, meaning you can either use the entire length of the LED tape light, or cut it to a custom length depending on how you mount it inside your gun safe.

You’re also getting a motion activated system similar to the Automatic Cordless LED light mentioned above with the addition of being able to adjust the time delay of the lighting.

Features of the LED Vault Tape Light

  • Motion activated with adjustable time delay
  • 3 meters of ultra-bright LED tape
  • 1 meter power cord and a 2 meter extension cord
  • Cut-to-length customization with 3M adhesive backing
  • 1,200 lumen power output


All of the options we have highlighted above do a great job at illuminating the interior of a gun safe, but first you need to be able to access the gun safe quickly when the lights go out. If you cannot gain access to your gun, then the interior lighting does you no good. That's where the Lockdown Stealth Entry Light shines.

The Lockdown Stealth Entry Light has a magnetic base that allows you to place the light directly above your combination lock or keypad or higher on the vault exterior to illuminate the dial area as well as help illuminate the interior once the gun safe door is opened.

The neck of the Stealth Entry Light is flexible allowing you to bend or twist the light into the position that works best for your gun safe, giving you the ultimate control over your lighting.

Features of the Lockdown Stealth Entry Light

  • Adds lighting to the exterior of your gun safe and support lighting to the interior
  • Powered by 3 button cell batteries (included)
  • Ultra-bright 3 LED light head
  • Magnetic base and flexible neck for maximum customization


Gun safe lighting is available for everyone for every safe. With all of the available options to choose from, Lockdown has made it as easy as possible. Simply decide where you need light the most and which one of our solutions will work best for you. No more hunting for a flashlight in the middle of the night or turning on a room light just to see inside your gun safe.