So why choose a Lockdown™ handgun safe and what sets apart Lockdown™ from the rest?

We Know Safes

Our gun safes/vaults are all engineered to meet TSA Airline Requirements for travel and are approved by the California Department of Justice. Many Americans want to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights, no matter where they travel inside our nation. Our safes are designed to exceed all expectations of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requirements to carry on a plane or car. We not only guarantee our safes and vaults are legal in all 50 states to travel through, but we guarantee our customers they are the standard in safety, moving forward. It’s easy for most to make a claim this bold, but we back it up with our safety and security approval from the California Department of Justice.

Lockdown Handgun Vault

Our Lockdown Handgun Vault is designed to be the most advanced portable handgun safe on the market. Our vaults are in full compliance with the TSA Travel guidelines for firearms and ammunition. We made 3 different sizes of these portable gun safes (Ultra-Compact, Compact, and Large) for your convenience. Built with 19-gauge steel walls with an added 16-gauge steel side and bottom reinforced plate and steel-coated cable trigger lock, this vault should be your primary travel companion.

Why Should I Buy The Handgun Vault?

This safe is perfect for the constant traveler who drives or flies all over the country and is allowed to carry in some places, but not others. For example, if you drive a lot and want your pistol with you, it can be locked up in this case inside your vehicle and comply with all state and federal guidelines for carrying. The best part about this case is the cable it comes with for added security. I love to use this cable to lock it in my car if I go into a business that doesn’t allow me to carry inside.

Lockdown-In Plain Sight Shelf

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like James Bond or Jason Bourne, we are giving you your chance with our In Plain Sight Shelf. This shelf is completely controlled by using your Logic app and the Logic Puck. You can raise or lower the hydraulic piston by simply pressing the release button on your Logic app, which will release the magnetic latch quickly and quietly. If you don’t want to secure your guns in the open like this, you can still secure other valuables, such as watches, jewelry, and cash. You can completely customize the pegs that secure your guns to fit any object you’d want to secure, whether it’s bigger or smaller. Just make sure you don’t go over the 20lb limit that our hydraulic system can handle safely.

   Why Should I Buy The In Plain Sight Shelf?

I know it’s not right to have a favorite product, but this is the coolest piece of technology the gun world has seen in decades. It connects directly to your Puck and is controlled by the Logic app to raise and lower the hydraulic piston to present your handguns or other valuables like something James Bond would have in his house. This is perfect for those who want to be discreet, but have your gun ready to go if you’re in a living room, dining room, office, or a kitchen. People will walk by this shelf all day long and never notice it can hold 2 fully loaded handguns.

Under Desk Handgun Holster

Not only do you need a safe way to secure your pistol, but sometimes you just want the option of having a hidden holster under your desk. Our holster is made from flexible and sturdy nylon that can hold everything from a Glock 43 to a Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum. It comes with 4 mounting screws to hold it in place and is 10” long and 8.5” wide. This holster gives you rapid access to your pistol if you need it in your office. Just remember, this is not a secure way to store your handgun. This is meant for emergency use in an ever-changing and dangerous world where dangerous people take their problems out on the innocent. This holster will give you enough time to react and shoot from a secure position behind a desk.

Why Should I Buy The Under Desk Handgun Holster

This durable holster is ideal for people that value the availability of a firearm and need to be ready to go in a moment's notice. The Under Desk Holster is ideal for anyone that lives alone or has a house with well-trained, firearm conscious residents and does not need the extra security that a vault or safe would confer.

Built With You In Mind

We created this company because there is a need for incorporating Smart Home technology into the organization and security of your firearms. We pride ourselves in listening to you, our customer. Long before we put together a design for a new product, we conduct extensive industry research into what the paint point for storage products are and how we can improve on existing designs in the market. We pride ourselves on our first-rate products, and while we feel confident we've designed a superior product, we're still gathering feedback and making improvements to stay at the cutting edge of firearm safety. We take it so seriously that we're even making improvements to the smell of the foam and metal of a brand new product to make it easier on your sense of smell. As we’ve become more established, our products are better than they’ve ever been, and we’re ready to show you why you should trust us with the security of your firearm collection.

Never Compromise On Safety

Our handgun vault safes are all certified by the California DOJ for their quality and resistance to tampering. If you’re needing to travel by plane or car, TSA has approved our handgun vaults to travel the country with. We pride ourselves in providing the best and most practical gun vaults on the market, at the most affordable price possible. Whether you need a vault for your office, a vault that provides complete discretion, or a vault that is easy to access in an emergency, Lockdown has you covered.