The Logic Puck™ FAQ

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Does the Lockdown Puck™ have to connect to wifi?

Yes, in order to receive notifications and adjust settings, the Puck needs to be connected to wifi.

Which wifi frequency should I use with the Puck™ if I have multiple frequencies available in range?

The Lockdown Puck™ is designed to work on a 2.4ghz network. The Lockdown Puck™ uses little bandwidth and the 2.4ghz offers a longer connection range and penetrates obstructions like walls or vaults more effectively. When setting up your Lockdown Puck™ only 2.4ghz networks will show as options in your wifi dropdown.

How do I set up my Lockdown Puck™ for notifications?

Notifications can be sent to you directly from the App, email and/or SMS. Under the main menu, then notifications, you can change your preferences to enable how you would like to receive your notifications. Using the CONTACTS section, you can also send notifications to others without giving them your login information.

What happens when the wifi goes down?

You will receive a notification from the App, your email or SMS that your Puck has lost connection and is offline. Don't worry, the Puck will continue monitoring even if the wifi goes down. When it's up and running again, your Puck will reconnect and let you know of any alarms that occurred while offline. The Puck isn't able to receive data when disconnected from wifi.

Does the Lockdown Puck™ use a lot of data?

Nope, the Puck is designed to use a very small amount of data. The actual amount will vary based on the Puck settings and usage.

Is the Lockdown Puck™ weather resistant?

The Puck is engineered to be used indoors between the temperatures of 0-130°Fahreheit, -18-54°Celsius, or 255-327° Kelvin.

How do I update the wifi Network for my Lockdown Puck™?

To update the wifi on your Puck press and hold down the face button until the 3 logos turn solid yellow. Next, follow the set-up instructions via the App to connect to the new wifi network. All your other settings will remain the same when moving from one wifi network to another.

Are there any subscriptions costs?

Nope! The Lockdown LOGIC™ App is free to download and use.

Is it going to work in my safe?

The Puck has a high-strength 2.4GHz wifi antenna that only requires -70dBm for a secure connection. Depending on your safe location and signal strength to your router, the Puck should be able to connect to your wifi. If you can receive wifi on your phone or other devices inside the safe, the Puck should also work.

How many Lockdown devices can I sync with my app?

You can add up to 512 Lockdown devices to your Lockdown LOGIC™ App. If you need more than that, give us a call!

Can multiple people be notified?

For any Lockdown LOGIC™ product, you can choose however many people you want to receive notifications and the type of notifications they receive such as App notifications, SMS or emails in the "contacts" section.

What if my phone gets hacked?

The App has an added layer of security by automatically logging you out after leaving the app. If you set it to automatically login, we strongly recommend you keep a passcode on your phone to eliminate any potential tampering with your account.

What if my account gets hacked?

The Lockdown Puck™ has top-of-the-line security giving you peace of mind for all your Lockdown® devices. If by chance your account gets hacked, reset your password.

How do I perform an update on the app?

Like your other apps, it will either automatically update or it will show up as a notification in the App store to manually update.

How do I perform an update on the Lockdown Puck™?

If and when an update becomes available, you will receive an App notification with instructions on how to update your Puck.

How long do the batteries last?

It depends on batteries, usage, atmosphere. Your app will keep you updated with what your battery percentage is and notify you when it is getting low. We have also built in a Power Save Mode to help increase battery life.

How do I enable power saver mode?

How to get to it – Go to your device dashboard and tap the POWER tile and enable Power Save Mode

This mode allows your PUCK to “Sleep” and conserve power until an external source triggers it. It will continue to check in with the server, will continue to monitor temp/hum/battery life, door, and vibration, and if something changes, it will still notify you. All app functions are the same, but the audible and visual alerts triggered by arming and disarming from the app are disabled.

What is the best range to set my temperature and humidity for firearms?

Aim for a temperature of 65-70°F and a humidity of 45-50%RH.

What if my temperature and humidity readings are incorrect?

Temperature and Humidity readings will take 24-48 hours to acclimate to the environment when first installed or moved. During this time readings may be inaccurate.

I am not receiving the registration email

If you are not receiving the email please check your text messages (SMS) for the phone number that you used to register. If you did not receive a text or email please contact our customer service department.

My door sensor isn't working

For additinal help with the door sensor, check out our door sensor help document. If you're still having trouble, please contact our customer service department.

I don't see my question in this FAQ, what should I do?

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