The Logic Plug™ FAQ

Have questions? We have answers.

Does the Plug have to connect to Wi-Fi?

No, the LOGIC™ Plug can still function without Wi-Fi but will only be able to be turned on/off manually. To access all the features of a smart plug it does need to be connected to Wi-Fi and the Lockdown LOGIC™ App.

What happens if the Wi-Fi is disconnected?

The Plug isn’t able to receive data when disconnected. Schedules, timers, and LOGIC™ sequences, etc. will not function but you will be able to turn the Plug on/off manually.

How do I update the Wi-Fi Network for my Plug?

To update the Wi-Fi on your Plug, follow the set-up instructions via the app to connect to the new Wi-Fi network. All your settings will remain the same when moving from one Wi-Fi network to another.

Does the Plug use a lot of data?

The Plug is designed to use a minimal amount of data.

Is the Plug compatible with Amazon Alexa / Google Home?

The LOGIC™ Plug is designed to work with both Alexa and Home but these units are not required to operate the device. If you pair them with these devices, they will operate based on the available setting with Alexa or Home and still be controllable via your LOGIC™ App.

Is it going to work in my safe?

The Plug is designed with a strong Wi-Fi antenna to connect to most routers. Depending on your safe and signal strength of your router, the Plug should be able to connect to your Wi-Fi. If you can receive Wi-Fi on your phone or other devices inside the safe, the Plug should also work.

Is the Plug weather resistant?

No, the Plug is intended for indoor use only.

How do I power on my Plug?

Plug it into a 3 prong, 120v outlet. The LOGIC™ Plug is only compatible with US-style outlets. Manually press the power button on the front to turn the Plug on or off or you can power the Plug on and off via the app.

What is the power rating of the Plug?

The Plug is rated at 10 Amps / 1250 Watts. This should be sufficient for most products. High power appliances such as microwaves and toaster ovens could be higher so check the label on these products before using.

Can you put two smart plugs in one two outlet plate?

Yes, the LOGIC™ Plug is designed to maximize space by being able to plug two outlets into one plate. The Plugs will behave independently, and both are controllable via the LOGIC™ App

Can you plug a two outlet splitter into it and control two lights with one input?

The Plug operates by giving you the ability to turn the power source on and off. If you plug a splitter into the LOGIC™ Plug it will allow you to operate two lights at once. The settings chosen for that Plug will apply to both lights and you will not be able to control them independently. Just be sure the combined amperage is still under the 10A maximum.

How do I perform an update on the Plug?

When an update becomes available, you will receive a notification within the Lockdown LOGIC™ App with instructions on how to update your Plug.