Besides our revolutionary Smart Home technology, we have the most comprehensive product line for gun storage inside your gun safe/vault. How many times have you opened your safe and had weapons, ammo, magazines, documents, or other valuables fall out? We can’t tell you how many times we’ve had to remove everything to look for a specific document or ammo caliber. Lockdown has ensured those days are over if you use our gun safe organization accessories. This guide will show you all the great ways you can organize your safe to make the most of the room you have.

Magnetic Barrel Rest

Our Magnetic Barrel Rest was designed to ensure gun owners they don’t have to rummage through their safe to reach a rifle in the very back. Leave the hard work to Lockdown and simply put the Barrel Rest on any metal surface. The barrel rest will lockdown tight to the surface inside your gun safe and hold up to 3 rifles. We’ve coated all contact points with heavy-duty rubber to ensure the finish on your rifles is safe. I place my barrel rest on the side of my gun safe to keep my rifles standing straight up and out of the way.

AR Upper hanger

We don’t just blindly claim to have the most comprehensive gun storage accessories; we back it up with our products. If you have an AR-style rifle and don’t want to use your floor space in your safe, our hanger is for you. The ability to place your upper receiver on one side of our Lockdown Hanger and 3 pistols on the other side is unheard of anywhere else. We believe in creating the most space possible by optimizing every square inch of your gun safe. There are no other products in the world that utilize the door of your safe and the sides of the walls like Lockdown does. The Lockdown AR-15 Upper Hanger will make your safe look great and in turn, you’ll feel great.

AR-15 Magazine Rack

Once your rifles are securely placed in your new Lockdown Magnetic Barrel Rest, it’s time to organize and secure your Magazines. The Lockdown AR-15 Magazine Rack will securely hold up to 10 fully loaded 30-round magazines. Stop wasting space by trying to stack your magazines on the floor of your safe. Our AR-15 Magazine Rack comes with brackets for mounting on the inside door of your vault. If you’d rather keep your magazines on the floor of your safe, our rack will lay flat with worries of magazines slipping out and falling on the floor. To ensure your mags are safe from marring or scratches, we engineered our rack with a vinyl-coat.

Handgun Muzzle Rack

Now that all of your rifles and magazines are stored properly, we want to ensure all of your handguns are secure. The Lockdown Handgun Rack is made in 1, 4, or 6 vinyl-coated muzzle slots. This vinyl ensures your barrels will remain in pristine condition and securely position your pistols in place. If you’re not satisfied with the vinyl coating and would rather not put anything in your barrel, we’ve created an alternative. You can use our Pistol rack designed to hold the barrels up and angled away so you’re not flagging yourself. The Lockdown pistol rack is designed to sit on a shelf or on the floor of your safe.

Gun Safe Drawer

The Lockdown Gun Safe Drawer is one of the biggest space-saving products we have in our arsenal. The best thing about our gun safe is its ability to utilize space that you’ve never been able to access before. By securing it to a shelf in your safe, you’re able to use the space directly under the shelf. Personally, I place my concealed carry weapon (CCW) and my war medals in this drawer. However, you can use it for anything from Passports and birth certificates to pistol magazines and loose ammo. No matter what you decide to use it for, the Lockdown Gun Safe will optimize your space better than any other product outside of our company.

Hanging Organizers

Our Lockdown Hanging Organizers provide you with the versatility to store all of your valuables together. The combination of high-grade elastic with heavy-duty mesh guarantees your guns and valuables will be secure and see-through, for easy access. With our universal attachment system, you’ll be able to secure this hanger in either carpeted siding or metal surfaces. Whether you go with the large hanger or the small organizer, your valuables will be safe and secure. I use the large hanger for any loose items that I don’t want to get in the way or fumble through. Items like ammo, watches, knives, pistol magazines, and my family’s passports fit in these slots and stay out of the way.

Document Holder

The Lockdown Document Holder has saved me from multiple headaches by securing my passport, social security card, and birth certificate. If you’ve ever lost your passport, you’ll know exactly what I mean. The amount of money and paperwork you’ll have to file for losing any of these documents is worth buying our document holder. Our Document Holders will also ensure that you can avoid getting oil, dirt, and CLP on important documents. As every gun owner has discovered, oil is not coming out of paper.

Your Safe, Your Choice

Lockdown has taken great pride and calculation in providing the most comprehensive gun storage accessories on the market. We believe technology should make things easier in your life, not more difficult. Our product line will help you organize your guns, documents, and other valuables at an affordable price. Obviously, we recommend using as many of our products as possible to make life easier, but only you will know what makes sense for you. Regardless of what you decide, we know you’ll have the cleanest and most organized gun safe possible if you trust Lockdown.