Gun Safe Basics

First up, let's address the essentials of gun safe management and what you should be keeping an eye out for. After that, we'll talk about the specific pieces of equipment that will help you make the most of our gun safe and keep your firearms in tip-top shape.

Why Do I Need a Dehumidifier for My Guns?

A dehumidifier is absolutely necessary for protecting your guns and valuables against corrosion and rust. A dehumidifier will not only keep rust from forming but extend the life of your guns by decades. By removing the moisture out of the air, a dehumidifier will also prevent the build-up of mold. Here at Lockdown™, we have dehumidifiers designed specifically for your gun safe and many other products to extend the life of your guns.

How Does Humidity Corrode Guns?

Humidity allows moisture to build up inside the barrel and frame of the gun, causing the gun to rust/corrode. Iron and steel will start to rust at 86˚F and will destroy your gun in minutes at temps above 122˚F. Once temps in your safe reach these levels and the humidity starts to rise above 70%, you’ll degrade your guns within a week. Keeping your dehumidifier at 50% humidity will ensure your guns and valuables are safe from corrosion.

How Do I Combat The Corrosion of My Guns?

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a scientist to keep your guns safe from corrosion and plastics safe from degradation. With temps above 86˚F, your stainless steel guns will start corroding within four days! According to the American Galvanizers Association (AGA), corrosion of steel costs Americans more than 400 billion dollars a year. Our dehumidifiers and moisture-control products will ensure you’re not a part of the 400 billion in damages.

How Does Lockdown™ Help Me Protect My Guns?

Lockdown™ is the only company in the world that is built with your gun security and storage in mind. We have dozens of products to ensure the safe storage of your guns and valuables, and all of them require very little work from you. We understand how busy Americans are with their work and family obligations. Lockdown™ will give you peace of mind that your guns are taken care of, so you can spend your valuable time where it counts the most.

Automatic Dehumidifier

The Lockdown™ Automatic Dehumidifier will protect your guns by removing all the moisture out of the air and into the reservoir or drainage system in your house. You can use the compact dehumidifier in your safe for a more active approach at humidity control.

The Lockdown™ Automatic Dehumidifier comes in 2 sizes (compact & full size) in order to fit multiple storage containers and rooms. The automatic dehumidifier can be set to a specific humidity level (50%) and will only turn on when the humidity gets too high. The best feature is the extended drainage hose that connects to your plumbing. This feature allows you to avoid emptying your reservoir by draining straight into your plumbing. To avoid any confusion, the Dehumidifier doesn’t work with the Puck (yet), so you need to manually set the humidity level you want.

Why Should I Buy The Automatic Dehumidifier?

Our Automatic Dehumidifier is specifically designed for you to limit your interaction with the equipment. We value your time and understand that you’d rather be doing anything other than worrying if your dehumidifier is working when it needs to. Simply turn on the machine, set the humidity levels, and connect the hose to your drainage system in your house and walk away.

What Happens If My Reservoir Tank Overflows in My Safe?

Trick question! Lockdown™ has already thought of this issue that plagues many other companies. We’ve installed a patented float sensor that turns off the dehumidifier once the limit is reached. This is one of many reasons why Lockdown™ is the best option for caring for your guns and valuables.

Rechargeable Dehumidifier

The Lockdown™ Rechargeable Dehumidifier is our one-of-kind option for gun safes, closets, small wine cellars, cabinets, and drawers. This dehumidifier has water glass crystals that absorb moisture in up to 333 cubic feet of space. Its compact design allows this dehumidifier to be placed in any of our gun safes without taking up valuable room. Once the water-glass crystals are fully absorbed, a light will turn on and let you know when to recharge it. From 0%-100%, the charge time only takes 12 hours.

Why Should I Buy The Rechargeable Dehumidifier?

Lockdown™ is the only company in the world designed specifically to take care of your gun storage needs. This is the most unique, versatile, and easy-to-use dehumidifier you’ll ever own. You can carry this portable dehumidifier anywhere you go, so if you travel with your pistol and want to keep it climate controlled, this is the way to do it. Unless you use it as a basketball to shoot hoops, this dehumidifier will last years! We encourage you to look at any other company and see how they compare, but you’ll find nothing like Lockdown™.

Silicone Gun Sock

When humidity levels rise inside your safe, condensation will form on your gun, causing any dirt inside the porous metal to come to the surface. Once that dirt comes to the surface of the metal, the humidity will corrode the metal within a week. Our solution is the Lockdown™ Silicone Gun Sock, which is available in 4 separate sizes to fit all your guns from pistols to hunting rifles with scopes. Our gun socks are disposable if you damage them, but will last years if you treat them well.

Why Should I buy the Gun Sock?

Our Gun Socks are made of polyester to keep your gun clean and Silicone to keep the gun dry. The Lockdown™ Gun Sock is inexpensive and will keep your gun and scope free from debris and dirt. The polyester in the sock also prevents the gun from getting scraped if the gun is dropped or hits another gun. Can you think of a more affordable investment to protect your hunting rifles?

Silica Gel

Silica gel is the physical form of Silicon Dioxide that can absorb roughly 40% of its weight in water. By placing the Silica Gel in your gun safe, you will bring down the humidity as much as 40%. If you’ve ever bought shoes from a major shoe company (Nike, Reebok, New Balance), then you’ve seen silica gel in your shoebox. Lockdown™ Silica Gel provides the same kind of protection that these major companies use to keep their products safe from mold and corrosion. The biggest difference is you can reuse our Silica Gel containers by simply recharging the crystals, once they’ve turned color.

Pro Tip

Read this great 8-step blog to learn how to recharge the silica crystals for continual reuse.

   Why Should I Buy Silica Gel?

You can get our Silica Gel in 3 sizes, depending on your gun safe or storage container size. For example, we recommend the 750 Gram Silica Gel for large safes because it can absorb up to 26 oz of water before it needs to be recharged. Lockdown™ Silica Gel is affordable, and when accompanied by the GoldenRod Dehumidifier Rod and the Lockdown Gun Sock, your guns will stay dry and free from dirt and debris.

Keep It Safe, Inside And Out

Lockdown™ takes the storage and care of your guns more seriously than anyone else in the world. Humidity destroys up to 400 billion dollars a year in steel and iron, and until Lockdown™ brought their weapons products to market, the problem remained unsolved. By using our moisture-control products, you’ll save thousands in damages and pass your valuables and guns down from generation to generation without having to repair rust damage. Our dehumidifiers are designed to fit the needs of every type of gun safe or storage unit, without modification. Using our Automatic Dehumidifiers with the Silicone Gun Socks will keep all dirt, debris, and moisture from corroding your guns. Regardless of the configuration you choose, Lockdown™ will ensure your guns and valuables are safe for decades to come.